Overview of the corsixth program code Edit

Entry point Edit

The program entry point is in corsixth is the main function defined in ./CorsixTH/SrcUnshared/main.cpp

Data structure definitions Edit

Configuration file reader Edit

Functions for invocation of lua Edit

  • CorsixTH_lua_main - Transfers control to CorsixTH.lua (Defined in Src/main.h)
  • CorsixTH_lua_main_no_eval - Lua initialization prior to invocation of CorsixTH.lua (Defined in Src/main.h)
  • CorsixTH_lua_panic - Displays a startup error message, if lua initialization code fails (Defined in Src/main.h)
  • CorsixTH_lua_stacktrace - Processes error statuses relating to lua initialization (Defined in Src/main.h)
  • lua_atpanic
  • lua_checkstack
  • lua_close
  • lua_getfield
  • lua_getglobal
  • lua_insert
  • lua_isfunction
  • lua_isnumber
  • lua_pcall
  • lua_pop
  • lua_pushcfunction
  • lua_pushstring
  • lua_rawgeti
  • lua_settop
  • lua_toboolean
  • lua_tostring
  • lua_touserdata
  • luaL_newstate
  • luaL_openlibs

Initial Lua Entry Point Edit

The corsixth startup program in written in C++. As part of the initialization sequence, the startup program runs some lua preparation routines, and preloads some lua packages before transferring control to the CorsixTH.lua script.

Lua package preloading Edit

The following lua packages are preloaded during the corsixth initialization process, before control is passed to the CorsixTH.lua startup script: